Scientific Integration of Doctoral Students

PDIE, through the Faculty of Economics and Business (as the MOU is under the Faculty), has formed cooperations with various parties, including universities, government and industry. To expand international networks, the Faculty of Economics and Business at Universitas Diponegoro is currently collaborating with universities in various countries around the world, including Haaga-Helia University of Applied Sciences (Finland), Saxion University of Applied Sciences (Netherlands), Université de Nantes (France), Curtin University (Australia), Tunghai University (Taiwan), Nagoya University (Japan). The list will continue to grow because the Faculty of Economics and Business is currently exploring collaborations with several universities in Canada and Europe.

These cooperations are used for the purposes of joint conferences, joint research and publications, student exchange, and receiving or sending visiting professors. PDIE participates in collaborations to enrich research perspectives and develop networks with other parties. Other important events in scientific integration are the colloquia and workshops / seminars, which are held every semester, and the International Research Conference on Business and Economics (IRCBE), which is held every two years.

Networking the Scientists

PDIE believes that the scientific networking provides doctoral students with numerous academic and research benefits.  For this reason, PDIE requires its teaching staff to be actively involved in as many scientific and professional organizations, such as Indonesian Association of Economists, Indonesian Institute of Accountants, Association of Certified Fraud Examiners (USA), and International accreditation agency (FIBAA, Germany) and (ABEST21, Japan) as possible and to network with other universities (such as Saxion University, the Netherlands and Curtin University of Technology, Australia). Networking is implemented through visiting professors, external examiners, seminars, joint research, joint international conferences, and student exchanges.