Teaching Staff

Structure and Number of Teaching Staff

The faculty (teaching staff) consists of 34 staff members (28 male and 6 female). They are all full-time employees who are assigned to teach and supervise doctoral students. The allocation of staff among concentrations is as follows: Accounting = 12 teaching staff (six professors, four associate professors and two lecturers), Economics = 10 teaching staff (six professors, two associate professors and two lecturers), and Management =12 teaching staff (four professors, six associate professors and two lecturers). Detailed structure and number of teaching staff is displayed in the following Table:

Based on a regulation from the National Standards of Higher Education, teaching staff of doctoral programs need to hold doctoral degrees and have experience in education and research. As a result, PDIE has made a clear policy on the appointment of teaching staff. Teaching staff should not only hold doctoral degrees but also have certificates of professional teaching and examples of published scientific articles in international journals or active involvement in professional organizations. 15 teaching staff (or 44% of the teaching staff) have graduated from foreign universities. More specifically, staff members have graduated from the following universities: the University of Putra Malaysia (2 staff members); the University of Sains, Malaysia (2 staff members); Southern Cross University, Australia (one staff member); the University of Wollongong, Australia (three staff members); Macquarie University, Australia (one staff member), Curtin University of Technology, Australia (four staff members), the University of Western Australia (one staff member), and Bonn University Germany (one staff member). The remaining teaching staff graduated from a top ten Indonesian university. Detailed scientific qualifications of teaching staff can be seen at this LINK:  Academic Qualification and List of Publications by teaching Staff.