Student Affairs

Student development at the Faculty of Economics and Business Universitas Diponegoro is directed to foster the sense of responsibility of the students which essentially is to develop healthy and tough personality, taqwa, analytic and synthesis thinking capabilities, knowledge, skills, the virtuous moral of Pancasila. As an analyst, focusing only on graduating is not sufficient. Students must be able to provide solutions, fresh new ideas to the problems that lie within the society in the form of systematic thinking based on their expertise. 

Faculty of Economics and Business Universitas Diponegoro inform and organize activities for personal development of students, where participation to participate in competitions that are competitive with the aid of funds both at the faculty level, at the university level, national, and international levels. Such activities include: 

  1. Scientific Writing Contest for Students (LKTM); 
  2. Student Achievement (Mawapres); 
  3. Student Management Skills Competition (LKMM); 
  4. National Student Science Fair (PIMNAS); 
  5. Student Choir Competition among universities; 
  6. Organizes National and International Seminar; 
  7. Competition for Innovative Productive (LKIP); 
  8. Student Entrepreneurship Competition; 
  9. Student Creativity Training Program; 
  10. Modeling United Nations in the Harvard University (HMUN) and in London (LIMUN); 
  11. Other positive activities that help personal development of students.