Scientific Supervision

Based on Rector Regulation of Universitas Diponegoro Number 5/2020 (amended by Rector Regulation of Universitas Diponegoro Number 29 of 2020) and the Manual of Supervisors Appointment, PDIE students who are enrolled as new students are required to immediately submit a proposal for an Academic advisor based on their research field. With consideration of the student proposals, the Head of PDIE appoints academic advisors as quickly as possible. Students are then required to write a dissertation proposal and present it in the Preliminary Examination. Before taking the Preliminary Examination, students must present their proposals in a colloquium (with two examiners). Colloquiums are scheduled semesterly.

Students who pass the Preliminary Examination are then required to propose their Thesis Supervisors (Promoter and Co-Promoter) to the Head of PDIE. Policies of PDIE state that the promoter must hold the position of professor and the co-promotor must possess a doctorate degree and have international publications, which are Scopus indexed at the least.

The responsibilities of the promoter and co-promoter are to ensure the student’s 1) originality of dissertation and scientific contribution to research, 2) accuracy of research methodology and depth of reasoning, 3) systematic thinking and research conclusions, and 4) publication in international journals indexed by Scopus or Web of Science. When supervising dissertations and publications, the promoter and co-promoter should follow the Guidelines of Proposal and Dissertation Writing-in BAHASA (in English).

The Head of PDIE has the authority to replace the promoter and/or co-Promoter if there is an academic dispute between doctoral candidates and the promotor/co-promoter. Doctoral candidates are required to consult and regularly discuss their work with the promoter and co-promoter, at a frequency of at least four times in one semester. Activities pertaining to dissertation writing must documented in a log book referred to as Buku Kendali Kegiatan Penulisan Disertasi & Publikasi Ilmiah  (in ENGLISH)