Program Description

Doctoral Program in Economics is a research-oriented degree program designed for  candidates with prior research and training in economics, management, and accounting with strong analytical and critical components, who wish to prepare themselves in teaching and research in academia or for responsible positions in government, research organizations, or business enterprises. This program offers three concentration (study major): economics, management and accounting. Upon its completion, candidates are awarded a PhD degree for producing a doctoral thesis of high-quality, original, and publishable research over a period of three years

Learning Method and Assessment

The program is a research-oriented program (doctor by research). The assessment of the study progress is conducted based on the cumulative credits and grade point average of the research projects . Students are required to:

  1. attend Advanced Research Methodology (compulsory course);
  2. undertake series of research activities to produce a research proposal. The expectation is that this proposal will be for a piece of research that could form the basis of one chapter of a PhD dissertation. Students will be given an oral examination on this piece of work and must perform to a satisfactory standard.
  3. Present papers at international conference and publish at least two articles in international reputable journal. Assessment will be arranged by the course organizer.
  4. Upon completion and submission of the PhD thesis, students do an oral examination (viva) with three examiners, two internal to Diponegoro University (not the supervisor or research advisor), and one external (from any other University in Indonesia or the rest of the world). After a successful thesis defence, the examiners recommend awarding the degree of PhD.