Doctoral Degree Regulations

The PDIE programs are designed based on the National Standard for Higher Education (Standar Nasional Pendidikan Tinggi) and The Indonesian National Qualification Framework (Kerangka Kualifikasi Nasional Indonesia-KKNI) level 9. The Doctoral degree regulation is stated in Rector Regulation Number 5/2020 regarding Academic regulation for Postgraduate Programs at Diponegoro (amended by Rector Regulation of Universitas Diponegoro Number 29 of 2020) .  Students must complete 47 credits (74.2 ECTS) within their chosen program. Upon completion of these credits and producing a high-quality, original doctoral thesis and publishable research over a period of three years, students are awarded a PhD degree.

The program is a research-oriented program. The assessment of study progress is based on cumulative credits and grade point average. Students are required to fulfill the following learning steps:

Status of Doctoral Students

The status of doctoral students is regulated by Rector Regulation of Universitas Diponegoro Number 5/2020 (amended by Rector Regulation of Universitas Diponegoro Number 29 of 2020). All registered doctoral students are full-time students. They are responsible for their own administrative and academic registration every semester and must obey all academic regulations and ethical codes. All doctoral students are required to attend courses (10 credit hours = 16 ECTS) in the first Semester. After that, students are also required to attend doctoral colloquiums, present papers at international conferences and publish papers in reputable international journals. The Doctoral thesis should ideally be finished by the end of the third year, but all students have the right to take study leave (maximum 2 semesters). Doctoral students who fail to register administratively in two consecutive semesters will be considered to have dropped out of the program. All registered students will have full access to academic facilities, such as the internet, library, online journals, and Bloomberg data. All students will be evaluated every semester to assess their academic status and study progress. The result of this assessment will be used by PDIE to make decisions on student status and the need for any special treatment for students with an academic or non-academic issue.

Grading System

Grades for student performance will be awarded in accordance with the following scheme: