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Student Association

To support students with academic and non-academic activities, the Faculty of Economics and Business provides funds for all student activities as long as such activities are able to enhance the student competence and skills. Currently most student associations are concerned with undergraduate ones, however PDIE students may join certain a student association considered relevant for their interests. The student association include the following ones:

  1. Senat Mahasiswa: Senate of students
  2. Badan Eksekutif Mahasiswa-BEM: Student Executive  Board
  3. Lembaga Pers Mahasiswa-Edents: Student Press Association
  4. KMA Akuntansi: Association of Accounting students
  5. HMJ Manajemen: Association of Management students
  6. HMJ IESP: Association of Economics students
  7. UPK Sepak Bola dan Futsal: Soccer and Futsal Club
  8. UPK Basket: Basket Ball Club
  9. Teater Buih: Theatre Club
  10. Mizan: Muslim Student Association
  11. PMK (Persekutuan Mahasiswa Kristen Protestan): Association of Christian students
  12. PRMK (Pelayanan Rohani Mahasiswa Katolik): Association of Catholic students
  13. KSEI (Kelompok Studi Ekonomi Islam): Islamic Economics Study Club
  14. KSPM (Kelompok Studi Pasar Modal): Capital Market Study Club
  15. KESMES (Kelompok Studi Masalah Ekonomi dan Sosial): Economic and Social Issues Study Club
  16. Economic Financial Study Club (ECOFINSC):
  17. MMW (Kelompok Mahasiswa Wirausaha): Student Entrepreneur Club
  18. EECC (Economic English Conversation Club)
  19. FEPALA (Fakultas Ekonomi Pecinta Alam): Environmental and Adventure Club
  20. Economic Voice (Choir)
  21. UPK (Unit Pelaksana Kegiatan) Tari: Dancing Club
  22. ECOFINSC (Economic Finance Study Club)
  23. Economusic