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Jurnal International Terindeks Scopus dan Thomson Reuter


Tahun 2013 – 2015

  1. Muhammad Nur, Aribat Solichin, Endang Kusdiayantini, Tri A Winarni, Dian Arif Rahman, Resti Maryam, Sosiowati Teke, Harjum Muharam. 2013. Ozone production by Dielectric Barrier Discharge Plasma for microbial inactvation in rice. Instrumentation, Communications, Information Technology, and Biomedical Engineering (ICICI-BME), 2013 3rd International Conferenceon.Page 221-225

  2. Muhammad Nur, Maryam Resti, Fajar Arianto, Zaenul Muhlisin, Sosiowati Teke, Ade Ika Susan, Endang Kusdiyantini, Tri A Winarni, Harjum Muharam. 2014. Development of ozone technology fish storage systems for improving quality fish production. Technology Management and Emerging Technologies (ISTMET), 2014 International Symposium on. Page 167-172

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  4. Lumban batu, K., Aryanto, V.D.W. 2015. Green practices implementation as prerequisite to sustain firm competitive advantages: The empirical study from Indonesia large scale enterprises (LSEs) . International Journal of Social Ecology and Sustainable Development. Volume 6, Issue 4, 1 , Pages 34-53

  5. M Nur, E Kusdiyantini, W Wuryanti, TA Winarni, SA Widyanto, H Muharam., 2015. Development of Ozone Technology Rice Storage Systems (OTRISS) for Quality Improvement of Rice Production.Journal of Physics: Conference Series. Vol. 622. No .1

  6. Robiyanto, Wahyudi, S and Muharam, H. 2015.The world oil price movements and stock returns in several southeast Asia's capital markets . International Journal of Applied Business and Economic Research.  Volume 13, Issue 2. Pages 527-534

Tahun 2016

  1. Setiyaningrum, A, Aryanto, V.D.W. 2016. Corporate ethics and corporate social responsibility in reinforcing consumers bonding: An empirical study in controversial industry . International Journal of Technoethics. Volume 7, Issue 1. Pages 1-15

  2. Eka Handriani, Wahyudi s, and Muharan, H. 2016. Implementation of Social Responsibility Diversification (SRD) As An Attemp of Firm Value Creation (Empirical Study on Public Companies in Indonesia). International Journal of Economic Research (IJER). Vol. 13 No 1 Pages: 115-131.

  3. Nuryakin , Farida, N. 2016. Effects of Convenience Online Shopping and Satisfaction on Repeat-Purchase Intention among Students of Higher Institutions in Indonesia .  Journal of Internet Banking and Commerce.  vol. 21, no. 2 Pages: 1-19.

  4. Nuryakin and Berta Bekti Retnawati. 2016. Using Technological Relational Capabilities to Investigate Marketing Performance in International Wooden Market . Information (Japan). Vol. 19. No 7A. pp.2555-2564.

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  6. RobiyantoWahyudi, S.Irene, R.D.P., 2016. The test of day of the week effect and turn-of-month effect by using a garch approach: Evidence from Indonesia capital market .International Journal of Economic Research. Volume 13, Issue 1, Pages 153-163.

  7. Suseno, B.D.abDwiatmadja, C.c.2016. Technology transfer motive of managers in Eastern Asia: Empirical results from manufacture industry in Banten province, Indonesia. Problems and Perspectives in Management. Volume 14, Issue 2, 2016, Pages 36-45 

  8. Bambang Moertono, I. Made Putrawan, Syliviana Murni, Imam Ghozali. 2019. Effect of organizational structure, leadership and trust on job performance of employee: a case study on employee at universitas ternama. International Review Of Management And Marketing, 6(4), 711-721.

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Tahun 2017

  1. Najmudin, K. Shaferi, I. Wahyudi, S.Muharam, H. 2017. Dynamic bilateral integration of stock markets and its driving factors. Journal of Applied Economic Sciences. Volume 12, Issue 2, , Pages 506-522

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  13. Robiyanto Robiyanto, Sugeng Wahyudi dan Irene Demi Panestuti. 2017. The Volatility – Variability Hyptheses Testing and Hedging Effectivenessof Precious Metal for The Indonesian and MalaysianCapital Markets.Gadjah Mada  Internationa Journal of Business. Vol 19. No 2. Page 167-192

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  16. Toryanto, A.A. Hasyim.2017. Networking quality and trust in professional services. European Research Studies Journal Volume 20, Issue 3,  Pages 354-370

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